Important Dates

October 15
Teachers will receive in writing a statement of the number of accumulated sick days as of the last day of the previous school year.

December 1
Probationary teachers must have their first observation done by this date.

January 15
Probationary teachers must receive a written evaluation by this date.

January 31
Teachers who wish to access the early retirement incentive must submit an irrevocable letter of intent to the District by this date.

February 1
Association must submit in writing any request for a new interscholastic or intramural position.

Feb 28 – March 1
If teacher intends to retire at the conclusion of the school year this is the date by which you must submit your letter to the District to guarantee collection of payment for accumulated sick days.

March 15
Probationary teachers will receive in writing the indication of their continued employment for the following year.

May 1
Tenured teachers must have an observation completed by May 1, probationary teachers need their second observation by this date.

May 15
a.  Teachers will be notified in writing of their salary for the coming school year.
b.  Teachers will be notified of their teaching assignment for the following school year.

May 30
Tenured teachers must receive written evaluation by this date, probationary teachers must receive their second by this date.


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