Oppose NY’s Receivership Law: Contact your NYS Senator today

Screen shot 2016-03-17 at 2.04.54 PMPlease take a moment to write a letter for the Action Network letter campaign “Why We Oppose New York’s Receivership Law”. It’s fast and easy and will only take a minute. The letter is pre-written and can be customized with personal information or sent as is. Simply sign on to the the Action Network and add your contact info.  Please help support our union brothers and sisters in the Syracuse CSD.

Click here: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/why-are-the-sta-and-nysut-oppose-new-yorks-receivership-law?source=email&

The NYS receivership law is bad for kids, teachers and communities. Here’s why:

1. It’s an assault on collective bargaining rights. The Receivership Law overrides 49 years of the Taylor Law and 34 years of the Triborough Amendment by granting the Commissioner of Education the right to impose terms and conditions of employment upon union members working in Receivership schools.

2. It’s an assault on Education Law. The statute allows a receiver to abolish all positions in a receivership school and require union members to reapply for their jobs. Those who are not hired back “shall not have any right to bump or displace any other person employed by the district,” effectively ignoring seniority rights and terminating them without due process.

3. It’s undemocratic. Locally elected school boards have been stripped of their powers and oversight under the Receivership Law. This suspension of democracy would never be tolerated in suburban districts, yet the state imposes it on receivership districts that serve almost exclusively poor and minority students.

4. It’s based on flawed measures. On December 15, 2015 the Board of Regents voted to implement a four-year moratorium on the consequences of using the 3-8 ELA and math Common Core State Assessments, in any form, and state-provided growth scores on Regents exams in teacher and principal evaluations. Recognizing that attaching test scores to evaluations of teachers and principals is, at best, a questionable practice, the Regents imposed the moratorium. Why, then, does the Receivership Law continue this dubious practice when it comes to evaluating and sanctioning our schools?

5. It hasn’t worked anywhere. In their study, State Takeovers of Low-Performing Schools: A Record of Academic Failure, Financial Mismanagement & Student Harm, The Center for Popular Democracy concluded: The record of the three existing takeover districts offers no evidence that the current takeover approach improves educational outcomes at failing schools. The contours of the problems are similar in each instance.

Can you join us and write a letter today? Click here: https://actionnetwork.org/letters/why-are-the-sta-and-nysut-oppose-new-yorks-receivership-law?source=email&



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