Is Cuomo serious about education?

NYSUT released a new ad today shining light on a recent editorial in the NY Times which questions just how serious Gov Cuomo is about education.  Sure, he talks a good game as he attacks teachers and schools across the state, but if he’s serious about improving education he’s going to have to follow through on a few promises. He’s going to have to restore the GEA money that has been cut from our budgets over the last 5 years (over $9 million in our district alone), he’s going to have to honor NY’s obligation to fund inner city schools under the Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) lawsuit, and he’s going to have to start talking about shared accountability in our schools and communities, because every problem in our society is not the teachers’ fault.

VIEW THE NYSUT AD ON THE NYSUTMAC (remember to enter your pw into the filter if viewing youtube vids from school)

Over the next few weeks your WDEA reps will be asking you about the challenges that face us (our local budget, upcoming negotiations, and, yes, state issues like the Gov’s vitriol). You can help by speaking out and standing up for what you believe in and why you became a teacher.  Sign a petition, write a letter to the editor of the Post Standard, get active on social media.  All these things will make a difference as we press forward.  We might even invite the Gov to visit our school and see what teaching is really like.  Wouldn’t you like to see him in your classroom?

Please take a moment to view the NYSUT ad online and share it with your friends on social media tonight.  Spreading the word is a simple step we can all take toward standing up for education.

Thank you.


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