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NY State Education Commissioner John King thinks student and parent surveys can be a viable part of a teacher’s annual professional performance review (APPR).  Earlier this month, King put new emphasis on the classroom observation portion of the teacher evaluation system calling it a “central issue” for discussion as the state attempts to, once again, revamp the APPR process.  He suggested the use of student and parent surveys as evidence of teacher performance – a way to overcome the apparent biases of NY’s principals as they attempt to complete teacher evaluations.

We looked at a student survey that has been used around the state, the Tripod Student Perception Survey.  The questions are designed to shine a light on what Tripod calls the 7Cs of Teaching Practice:  care, confer, captivate, clarify, consolidate, challenge, and control.  The surveys we viewed were extensive – 40 questions for the early years and 103 questions for secondary students.  You can view the original Tripod surveys here:

Tripod Student Perception Survey for Early Years

Tripod Student Perception Survey for Secondary Students

Since King is New York’s top educator, we wondered what his students (NY’s teachers) think about his teaching and leadership skills. Please take a moment to complete our survey (see below or follow this link).  We’ve modeled our questions directly from the Tripod Student Perception Survey for Early Years Students, of course we’ve added Commissioner King’s name where appropriate.

Please share the survey with your colleagues and friends via email, Twitter and Facebook – we’d like to get as many teachers to respond as possible.  Don’t forget to follow the link at the end of the survey to view the results.  You can follow the WDEA on Twitter @wdea3115.

Thank you.


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