Education Matters: Dec. 8

EDUCATION MATTERS: an occasional review of the state of education in NY


Hunger Games comes to NY:  Zephyr Teachout and the Working Families Party released a scathing education report last week about corruption in the Cuomo campaign.  In it, they detail how Wall Street titans secured the allegiance of the governor thru campaign donations and outside spending. 12 individuals spent $4.3 mil on a PAC apparently designed to purchase control of State Senate education policy.

NYSTRS retirement contributions are decreasing this year and districts are expected to save a bundle.  On Long Island, districts may save up to $100 million from lower pension costs.

Fed up with the climate of over-testing our kids? You can send a message to the politicians in Albany. Go to the NYSUT MAC ( to send a message supporting a districts’ right to refuse mandatory, stand alone field tests.

Parents, teachers, students, and community members can visit NYSAPE (NYS Alliance for Public Education) to oppose the Board of Regent’s efforts to mandate Pearson’s field testing

Cuomo’s struggle to extend the school day continues as only 6 schools our of the state’s 700 have implemented longer days. 

United Federation of Teachers (UFT) president, Michael Mulgrew, offers his take on the state of education in NY. “It’s time to fight back, it’s time to show what we can do.”

Their agenda is the same as always, too: promote charter schools and vouchers and the privatization of education; roll back collective bargaining; and cut the public services on which we all depend.  READ MORE

The plaintiffs in Campbell Brown’s anti-teacher tenure lawsuit have filed an opposition brief against the city and state teachers’ unions’ motion to dismiss the case. NYSUT is pushing back, maintaining that Tenure Allows Good Teachers to Fight for What Their Students Need.

Many experts are weighing in on the real problems in education. This week, Forbes contributing writer, Nick Morrison, suggests The Problem Isn’t Getting Rid of Teaches, It’s Keeping Them.

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An LSE study suggests that money, success, and good grades are less important than emotional health in children.  Emotional health in childhood is the “key to future happiness” .

Pro-Common Core Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu from Louisiana is ousted in a run-off election.


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