Education Matters: Dec 1st

Thank you to everyone who participated in November’s College Pride Day.  When we take pride in our education and experience it sends a powerful message to our students and the community.  We’re highly qualified, we’re professionals, and we work for kids through our support of the WDEA college scholarship.  The Holidays are a perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new college apparel.  I ordered mine from the Potsdam College Store and I had it in hand in just two days.  What are you proud of?  Our next College Pride Day is scheduled for Tuesday, December 16th.  Stand out in a crowd, show your college pride.

Last month, SED officials said districts are required to administer field tests, even if some district want to opt out. The Board of Regents considered a proposal to amend state regulations so districts are clearly required to conduct field tests.  NYSUT blasted the potential state change, saying that students should not be subjected to additional testing.

“NYSUT has been clear that students should not be subjected to over-testing or burdened with field tests that are conducted for the main purpose of benefitting test makers. We are on record supporting districts that choose to opt out of field tests. Mandatory field testing would only further the erosion of learning time and is directly counter to what parents and teachers have been saying: Students are not a test score. The state’s priorities need to be recalibrated to emphasize teaching and learning, not more standardized testing.

High achieving teacher sues state over evaluation labeling her “ineffective.”  Sheri G. Lederman’s Superintendent, Thomas Dolan, signed an affidavit saying “her record is flawless” and that “she is highly regarded as an educator.”  Yet somehow, when Lederman received her 2013-14 evaluation, which is based in part on student standardized test scores, she was rated as “ineffective.” Now she has sued state officials over the method they used to make this determination in an action that could affect New York’s controversial teacher evaluation system.

As more and more and more teachers retire, NYSTRS pension retirement fund remains strong.  The school district’s contributions will actually be reduced next year by ~26% as the fund shows record returns.

Thinking about retiring? Keep in mind important filing dates to receive contractual incentives and unused sick day reimbursement.

Grant Wiggins, education guru and co-author of Understanding by Design, gives the NYS grade 8 math tests a big “F”. Read his critique here.

Think the obsession with test scores has run the gamut, think again. US Secretary of Education Arne Duncan wants to track your students’ test scores & reward or punish the college you attended.  

New York charter school audits reveal $28 million in questionable expenses. 95% of NYS private charter school audits show mismanagement and fraud. 

Cuomo’s book sales? (drum-roll please): wk. 1-945 copies. Wk. 6-40 copies. Failing to show growth over 2 points in time = Ineffective




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