McCrea’s Monday Memo-9/22

Good morning WDEA,

I wanted to touch base on a few issues before the week got underway.  As always, if you have questions or concerns, please email me or the address or you can call/text my cell 315-882-6344.

We are re-forming (and reforming) the district’s Instructional Council. Please consider joining the group as a rep from your building and/or encouraging someone on your team that would be a good addition to the group. We will be meeting on Oct. 15 from 12:30-3PM to discuss Project Based Learning, Board Goals etc. as well as professional development in the district.  We hope to meet at least semi-annually or as issues arise.  The IC includes two faculty members from each building.  If more than two faculty members volunteer from a building, there will be an election within that building to determine who will sit on the IC.  Whether or not you’ve served on the IC before, I encourage you to volunteer.  The group, in its new form, promises to be an opportunity for spirited dialogue about our school and its mission.

Special thanks goes out to Liz Persons for leading our Westhill Warriors Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Team!  And thank you to everyone who has joined the team so far!  We are hopeful that many more will join, it’s not too late.  Our Westhill Warriors Team will be walking in this important event on Sunday, October 19 in downtown Syracuse.  If you can’t walk with the team, please join us online and make a donation to this important cause.  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer helps so many people.  Did you know that a donation of…..

  • $25 helps provide information and support for 2 people facing cancer?
  • $50 could help provide free lodging for a patient who must travel for treatment?
  • $75 may help give rides to and from cancer treatments for 3 people?
  • $100 helps guide 4 women facing cancer through every step of their journey?

In a district our size, with your help, we should easily be able to make our team goal of $1000.  Won’t you help us by either signing up to walk or making a donation?  Just search for our team (Westhill Warriors) at  Thank you so much!

We’ve been having conversations with the district and residents about an education foundation for a number of years. It took the right mix of administrative experience, community initiative, and vision to get the foundation off the ground.  A foundation grant is a very special opportunity to jump-start special initiatives in your classroom, I encourage all of you to consider submitting grant proposals this year.  I was part a foundation in my former district, and have been in touch with foundation leaders across the state.  As you consider proposals, I encourage you to survey some projects from those districts (see below).  By all means, think outside the box and consider bold initiatives that will help you bring your classroom and school closer to the vision you hold.  Casey has also offered to review any ideas or proposals and offer his suggestions for a successful grant.  What do you want your teaching (and students’ learning) to look like?  A foundation grant may be the very thing to get that done.

Check out these sites:!accomplishments

Please encourage your colleagues to join our Celly text notification group. If you haven’t done so already, please text @wdea3115 to 23559 on your cell phone.  Password: XXXX (see your building rep).  Ask your building rep if you need help.  Celly (and another text notification system called Remind) are great ways to engage groups of parents, colleagues, or students direct to their cell phones. It’s also a great communication tool in the classroom that you can use within our BYOD environment.

Have a great week.

In Solidarity,



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