Dental Plan Update

In January, the WDEA membership voted to change our dental insurance carrier from Excellus BC/BS to Ameritas (which offers a basic and enhanced plan) with an effective changeover date of March 1st.To that end, we met with the Ameritas team last week to discuss the transition of plans.

Based on the current calendar, including February break and the need to give our retirees at least a full 30 day notice, we will not be transitioning on March 1st as previously planned. More likely, our changeover will take place on April 1st. This will give both Ameritas and the district time to transfer data, contact retirees, and generally assure a smooth transition. We have also asked that dentists not in the Ameritas network, but on the Excellus plan, be contacted with plan details (including procedure reimbursement amounts) so they may consider joining Ameritas.

Thank you for your continued patience as we move forward with this change. Please speak to your building rep if you have any questions or if this delay causes any problems on your end.


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