NYSED’s Tests Making Kids Sick #ZipLoc

You’re not going to believe this next story coming out of Westchester County.  In a recent town hall forum hosted by NYSUT, a teacher from Hastings shared a tragic story about a third grader in her class.  It illustrates just how sickening the NY testing obsession has become.

Phyllis Montalvo of Hastings Teachers Association shared a story that could make you sick – if it doesn’t make you cry: A third-grader in her class was so anxious about upcoming state tests that he bombarded his mom with worried questions: What if I don’t understand the question – I can’t ask my teacher! What if it’s too hard?

His teacher reassured mom and son: It will be OK.

On the day of the test, just six questions into the exam, the young boy threw up – all over his answer sheet.

Teachers cleared the room, relocated the students and disinfected the area. The hardest of all? Comforting the distraught child. Yet the unbelievable part was still to to come.

The school principal called SED to ask how to handle the situation. SED’s answer: To ensure test security, we need every test back.  Protocol was followed. “Since every test had to be accounted for, we put it in a Ziploc bag and sent it back,” Montalvo said.

You can read more about the testing forum in Westchester and watch a video at:


And don’t forget to send Commissioner King message to let him know how sick you are over the NY State tests.  Just drop a ZipLoc bag in the mail and send it to SED. There’s no need to include an explanation, he’ll get the message.

Commissioner King’s address:

Dr. John B. King Jr.
Commissioner of Education
New York State Education Department
89 Washington Avenue
Albany, New York 12234

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