Teacher Salaries, Demographics & Financial Disparities in the Chicago Metro

Poverty matters in education. Take a look at these maps of District poverty concentrations and funding inequities.

School Finance 101

No time to really write much here today, but I do have a few figures to share. I’m posting these mainly because I keep seeing so many ridiculous a-contextual… and in many cases simply wrong statements about Chicago teachers’ salaries.  As I understand it, salaries are not really the main issue in the contract dispute… but rather… the teacher evaluation system. I’ve already written extensively about the types of teacher evaluation frameworks that I believe are being deliberated here, but I’m not following the issue minute by minute.

This post may be most relevant! 

Someone has to just say no to ill-conceived teacher evaluation policies. Perhaps this is the time.

That aside, there are typically two ways one might choose to compare teacher salaries to determine how they fit into their competitive context. One is to compare teacher salaries to non-teachers of similar age and education level. The overall competitiveness…

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