Avoid Hitting “The Wall”

Marathon runners talk about hitting “the wall” just before the final leg of a race.  It’s the point in the race when, if you’re not careful, the glycogen levels in your muscles can become depleted and your body just shuts down. It usually hits you around mile 20-24.

Teachers have to avoid hitting “the wall” as well.  This year has been a marathon and, if you’re not careful, you can run out of steam with another 6 weeks to go.  Here are a few simple steps you can take to help you prevent burn-out, stay connected to your colleagues, and feel like you’re making a difference as we finish the final leg of the school year.

1. Connect with your colleagues, JOIN OUR TEAM!
Perspective is a powerful thing.  Staying connected with colleagues, and keeping the big picture in mind can help you stay focused.  The WDEA supports two important fund raisers that not only raise money for local charities, but also help teachers work as part of a team (and get a little exercise).  Please consider joining our Relay for Life team (June 8th) and/or our Corporate Challenge Team (June 19th).  Both teams are open to all members.  We need you to make our team a success!

Learn more by visiting the links below:


2. Stand up for what you believe in.
No one has a better understanding of teaching than you, the teachers that work every day to help kids reach their potential.  If we don’t stand up for public education, who will?  Please join us for a rally this Friday afternoon in support of public education in New York.  Bring your friends and family, wear your Westhill blue, and join us at 5PM in front of the State Office Building in Syracuse.  Learn more, and find a map to the event, by visiting our website:

3. VOTE MAY 15th!

Your vote in support of public education in your community will make a difference, unless you stay home on May 15th.  Far too many of our members don’t bother to vote in local school budget elections.  We have over 650 in-service NYSUT members and retirees that live in the Westhill district alone.  4% of all registered voters in NY are NYSUT members.  Imagine how many live in your community.  If we all vote, we can guarantee the success of our schools in the coming year.

Not voting is not an option.  Pleas take the time to vote in next Tuesday’s election.


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