#Pineapplegate Reader

A collection of #Pineapplegate articles for your weekend reading enjoyment (updated Monday 4/23 @9:30pm):

Parents Across America Blog (PAA): Pineapplegate Spark

Buffalo News: Cuomo should rethink tests

Principals open letter to Board of Regents: “This past week has been a nightmare for NY students”

NY Daily News Cartoon

Wall Street Journal: State Won’t Score “Pineapple” Exam Questions

Wall Street Journal: “Test Question Flunks” by Lisa Fleisher

Syracuse.com: NY Says Pineapple and Hare Questions Won’t Count (mentions @WDEA Twitter feed and includes a list of links suspiciously similar to the #Pineapplegate Reader)

Daily News Sunday: “World’s dumbest question”, Daniel Pinkwater’s editorial in today’s Daily News.

Daily News: “Flunks the test of common sense”

New York Post: State English tests dissed deaf students.

New York Times: When pineapple races hare,, students lose.

Wall Street Journal: Nonsense on top of nonsense.

New York Times Opinion: Teacher the books, touch the heart.

NPR: Can you answer two bizarre state exam questions?

Washington Post Answer Sheet

EdWeek: These tests test us.

NYSED statement by commissioner John King.

Blog: Brooklyn principal writes commish.

WDEA3115 Blog: Commisioner King may have compromised test integrity in haste.

Mr. Honner Blog: Are these tests any good?


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2 Responses to #Pineapplegate Reader

  1. This is really helpful. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the great list. I posted a followup to my first blog about this, focusing on the reasons so many states are now using tests such as the Pineapplegate one for as much as 50% of teacher evaluations. This post has apparently now been BLOCKED by the Miami-Dade public schools, so teachers and students within the schools cannot read it. http://blogs.edweek.org/teachers/living-in-dialogue/2012/04/pineapplegate_raises_fresh_que.html

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