Time for Action!

Call Your Legislator

Legislators are back in Albany on Wednesday and Thursday this week… Welcome them with a call on how wrong Tier 6 is… 1-877-255-9417 !!!!  NY can’t afford a Maddoff style, private pension system.

Save the Date: March 12 BOE Meeting

As the Westhill Board of Education finalizes their proposed budget for the 2012-13 school year, we need you more than ever.  Please join us at the next meeting to get the latest, up to date, first hand knowledge about the District’s budget and proposed cuts for the upcoming school year.  The next meeting is Monday, March 12 @7pm at Walberta Park School.  Hope to see you there!

News is Breaking!!!!

NYSUT has issued a press release condemning the publication of teacher ratings in New York City. Here’s an excerpt from NYSUT President Dick Iannuzzi:

“As we move forward across New York state with a new process for teacher evaluations, NYSUT will vigorously defend the principle that evaluations must remain confidential and not be released by name, but be used, as the new proposed legislation makes clear, to help all teachers improve. Because the annual professional performance reviews under the new evaluation law are fundamentally different from the teacher data reports released by the New York City Department of Education, we will take every possible measure, including legal action, to prevent APPRs from being misused to publicly shame or punish teachers.”

Last week NYSUT had issued a FAQ on the evaluation deal and it included this information:

Q. Will these evaluations be made public, as is happening in New York City?

A.NYSUT will challenge any effort to make evaluations public. In New York City, what the press has requested to make public are the teacher’s value-added scores, which are based on student data, and are used as a part of a teacher’s evaluation. We will take legal action in an effort to prevent the public release of APPRs, as such release would be contrary to the purposes of the APPR law.



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