Fight Back Fridays: Week In Review

Fight Back Fridays: Your Voice Can Make a Difference

Join the Fight – No Tier 6: NY Can’t Afford a Maddoff Style Pension Plan

Cuomo isn’t telling New Yorkers that his Tier 6 Maddoff-style private pension plan will arguably cost participants and taxpayers more in the long run through increased fees and risky investments and will potentially underfund current-tier retirees with each participant lured out of the system.  We need you to step up to the plate and do two things to help fight back against this ridiculous proposal.

  • Log on to NYSUT’s new Member Action Center: It’s the fastest and easiest way to get all the info about Tier 6 in one place.  You can fax your legislators, sign up for email alerts, and/or call you local reps and governor in Albany.  I urge you to do all three.  NY can’t afford a Tier 6

Click here:

  •  Take a moment to call your representative’s local office to oppose Tier 6.  It won’t take along and it’s the most powerful thing you can do to get your voice heard.  Local staffers take note when voters take the time to call and share their views.  It’s fast, you can make the call in just 10 minutes.  Call from your cell phone, keep it simple, and stay on message.  Find your elected officials by clicking here:

Elected Officials:

 Here’s an article from Albany’s paper about the pension protests:

Teacher Evaluation Deal Done:

A deal has been struck on teacher evaluation.  Read the details and see the interview with NYSUT President Dick Ianuzzi:

The Gov created this spin in the press, hyped up a problem that wasn’t there, and then rode to the rescue to solve that problem.  He likes being a hero and this was another chance for him to show off his bravura in the press.

The truth is, yesterday’s deal doesn’t change much here in Westhill.  We’re still collectively bargaining with the District to develop a sensible APPR plan.  We’ve agreed to do everything we can to minimize the impact of high-stakes tests on the system, local or state.  And, unlike most district leaders who are being interviewed in the press, we’ll actually have a plan in place at the end of this year.  Next year’s January deadline won’t impact us.  We were already on track to implement our plan by Sept. 1.  So, if you get asked by someone to weigh in on the impact of the Gov “leadership” this week, be sure to tell them the Gov created this mess and is lying to New Yorkers about the crisis in education.  In Westhill, we’re getting the job done through good faith bargaining with the district, the way the original APPR law intended.

Thanks for taking the time to make a difference this week.  Call me if you want to help get the message across to legislatures directly through local visits to their offices.

Gregory McCrea-President
Westhill District Ed. Assoc.
AFT-Local 3115
Syracuse, NY


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