What the Gov. Isn’t Telling You.

My latest letter to the Post-Standard regarding the governor’s attack on teachers and schools:

Governor Cuomo suffers from the sin of omission, a common problem for most lawyers and politicians like him.  Legally he isn’t actually lying to New Yorkers, he’s just not telling them the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

He isn’t telling New Yorkers that their schools are ranked among the top three in the nation by Education Week, and No. 1 for providing businesses what they need to succeed by CNBC.  Congratulations New York!

Cuomo isn’t telling New York that more than 70 percent of public school parents reject a proposal to increase the use of high-stakes tests in evaluating teachers, according to a recent poll conducted by Hart Research.

Cuomo isn’t telling New York that his State Education Department is in a shambles, with no money to administer those very high-stakes tests.  SED is run by bureaucrats with little to no teaching experience, young guns who have fast-tracked their way to high-paying positions and have built a house of cards which is about ready to collapse.

Cuomo isn’t telling workers that his Tier 6 Maddoff-style private pension plan will arguably cost participants and taxpayers more in the long run through increased fees and risky investments and will potentially underfund current-tier retirees with each participant lured out of the system.

And despite his self-appointment as lobbyist for the students of New York, he hasn’t shared any news about actually visiting upstate schools or kids.  He’s spent more time jet-setting around the region on fundraising junkets and meeting with editorial boards to promote his Johnny-One-Note agenda.  If Cuomo really cared about kids, he’d spend more time meeting parents, students and teachers instead of pulling the budgetary carpet out from under them.

What’s more disturbing than the now predictable talking points coming out of the governor’s office is the sub-standard journalism by this paper and our region’s on-air personalities who refuse to challenge his half-truths and vitriol.  When will you start asking the tough questions of our elected officials or, if you can’t bring yourselves to do so, invite someone to your coffee chats that will ask them for you?

Gregory McCrea (President)
Westhill District Education Assoc.
Syracuse, NY

About cnyteacher

News and notes on education, labor, politics and the arts from CNY teacher Greg McCrea.
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