Enter to win a new iPad!

Interested in a new iPad? Tired of teachers getting attacked by the Gov. and the press?

You can kill two birds with one stone by increasing your Vote/Cope contribution via payroll deduction and entering to win a NEW iPad.

Between now and Feb. 10th, everyone who already contributes to Vote/Cope via payroll deduction will be entered to win a brand new iPad. If you increase your contribution (and we really hope you do), you’ll receive another entry for every dollar more you contribute.

Already contribute $2? Want to increase that to $5 a check? You’ll receive one entry for your original contribution and an additional three entries for the $3 increase to your payroll deduction.  That’s 4 chances to win a brand new iPad.

We need your help and your dollars to strengthen our voice in Albany. 40% of all contributions to Vote/Cope come back to local 3115 to help us support the union. Each year we support our members in local events and campaigns and stay connected with the 650+ NYSUT members who live in our district. This year we all need to stand up and send a clear message to the politicians in Albany. The number one lobbyists for kids are their teachers and family members working every day toward a brighter future for Central New York, not the out-of-touch politicians and corporate lawyers in government.

We’ll be raffling the iPad at our 50/50 happy hour on Feb. 10 at Nybsy’s on Tipp Hill.  Join us as we celebrate the halfway point of the school year and make a commitment to stand up for what works in education, great teachers and dedicated families. Don’t delay, see your building rep. today to increase your Vote/Cope contribution and enter to win a brand new iPad.

Good luck!


About cnyteacher

News and notes on education, labor, politics and the arts from CNY teacher Greg McCrea.
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