Spring Break to Begin April 9th

Superintendents from CNY school districts met this afternoon to discuss changing the dates for spring break 2012.  They have decided to move the April break up one week, beginning April 9th instead of April 16th.  You can read the Post Standard article here: http://bit.ly/on6vsF.

This is just another example of how out of touch commissioner King and SED are with local school districts.  We are facing total disregard for professionals in the field.  Please consider calling your local representatives in Albany [http://bit.ly/pVtCS4] and share, as taxpayers and parents, your frustration with State Ed. and the commissioner.  Ask them to defend our right to local control of our schools and call off the bureaucrats and bean counters in Albany.  If I had to evaluate Dr. King, he’d definitely receive an “Ineffective” rating.

The Westhill BOE will still need to approve this change before it becomes official, but I wanted to let you know asap so you could begin to make plans etc. for your families.  The next BOE meeting is scheduled for Sept. 12th.  We’ll likely hear from the District in the next few days re: the change.

I’ll keep you updated as these details play out.  Enjoy the last few days of summer break and stop by the NYSUT booth on Saturday if you happen to be at the Fair.  WDEA and WEU members will be there in force representing our school community.



Greg McCrea-President
Westhill District Ed. Assoc.
AFT Local 3115
Syracuse, NY
315-882-6344 cell


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