Demand Quality Education in NY and Preserve Local Control of Schools

Sisters and Brothers:

Please contact your representatives in Albany and urge them to oppose the Governor’s brutal tax-cap measure.  The current proposal allows a minority of the voting public (41%) to strong-arm a district into cuts in staff and program.  It’s time to stand up for quality education in New York and preserve local control of our schools.

Read Dick Ianuzzi’s (NYSUT Pres.) latest call to action (below).

You can contact the Governor’s office and your representative by calling 1-877-255-9417.  It only takes a few minutes to call.  Now is the time to step up and be sure your voice is heard in Albany.

Thank you.

In Solidarity,

Gregory McCrea (WDEA President)

June 1, 2011

Dear Sisters and Brothers:

As you are well aware, Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver announced last month the Assembly has introduced property tax cap legislation similar to the Senate version introduced by Majority Leader Skelos in March and Governor Cuomo’s property tax cap plan. Each of these versions, if passed in current form, would be devastating. Combined with this year’s $1.3 billion cut in aid and several years of cuts to education, a property tax cap of this nature would lead to the elimination of needed programs, even more overcrowded classrooms, and thousands and thousands of additional layoffs. The impact on municipalities will also cripple our community colleges and locals connected directly with local government agencies.

The New York Times said it best in its recent editorial “Reject the Tax Cap,” calling the cap “a cheap political tool…that will only further devastate communities.” Here’s the link to the editorial:

We are working diligently to block or significantly change the legislation. More needs to be done, and we need you to support our efforts as you have always been willing to do in the past.

The ask is this: We need every member to call the governor and their own legislators to say “no” to the tax cap bills, A-7916 and S-2706. Not just you, not just your activists, but we must attempt to get every member to call, and it must happen this week with a follow up, if possible, early next week.

The process is simple. Each member calls 1-877-255-9417 to be connected directly to the governor’s office and their representative in the Assembly and their state senator. Where there is a relationship, they can call the local office as well, but they should still make the calls requested, as the call number above will allow us to monitor the total number of calls and report this to the governor and legislative leaders. Friends, family and neighbors should be asked to call as well.

I understand all that is being asked of you at this time of the year. I am imploring you to make this happen because the long-term impact of a property tax cap will destroy public education and the livelihood of our members. It is unquestionably an attack on public employees and public education for political expediency and running up poll numbers!

I know you will answer this call to action — for New York’s most vulnerable, the children we teach, our members and those we serve.

Thank you.

In solidarity.


Richard C. Iannuzzi
NYSUT President


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