AFT’s Report on Gen Y Teachers

This morning, the AFT released a report on our Generation Y teachers. A collaborative effort with the American Institutes for Research, the report looks at what our younger members need to keep them in the profession and help them thrive in the classroom. The report is based on existing survey data, focus groups with young AFT members, and case studies of three districts (St. Francis, Minn.; Austin, Texas; and Philadelphia).

According to the study, Gen Y teachers say they need schools that:

• Provide regular feedback to teachers on their effectiveness.
• Have fair, rigorous and meaningful evaluation systems.
• Support peer learning and shared practice.
• Recognize and reward high performance.
• Use technology intelligently to enhance performance.
Read the full report here.

In conjunction with the report’s release, the AFT is inviting its Gen Y teacher members to discuss the findings in an online community, and will engage them in activities generated through the discussion. This highly interactive community will offer teachers tools to help them in the profession, invitations to webinars and tele-town hall meetings, and most important, a place where they can connect with other Gen Y teachers. Like Facebook, the AFT Generation Y Teachers site enables teachers to set up their own pages and profiles, but the discussions will be focused on professional concerns.

Generation Y teachers are usually described as including individuals between 21 and 35 years old. The online community will be open to all, but will be oriented to Gen Y members. We hope to use this website as a starting point for reaching out to our younger members, so we can provide them with support to stay in teaching and encourage them to become active in the union.

Please use the various communication vehicles available to you, including your affiliate’s website, newsletters and meetings, to spread the word about this new online community to your younger members.

To visit the AFT Generation Y Teachers online community, go to


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