PWP 5k Run/Walk April 30th

We’re just a month away from our 5th annual PWP 5K Family Fun Run, a collaboration between the Westhill District Education Assoc. and the Westvale Runner’s Club.
Last year we raised over $10,000 for local charities including Hope Print and the Westhill Educational Foundation.  This year our beneficiaries include the Foundation and the American Cancer Society.
Don’t miss out on the best family 5K on the west side. This year will surely be a race to remember with perfect late April running weather (our latest race ever), a picturesque course through beautiful Westvale, and the raucous Maple Road Kids Dash (you’ll get the perfect picture of your son/daughter crossing the finish line).
If you can’t run or walk with us on April 30th, please consider joining us as a volunteer.  It’s easy to sign up and you can be a big help by donating just an hour of your time to our cause.
For more information, visit:
We hope to see you on April 30th.
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Does Betsy DeVos make you want to run for School Board?

Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 8.31.54 AM

Maybe you’ve made calls. Or written letters. Or even stood outside for hours with a sign and the full power of your voice. And when Betsy DeVos was STILL confirmed as education secretary, maybe you felt an immediate urge to take matters into your own hands by running for your local school board.

Well, guess what. YOU CAN!

Take action now and contact your NYSUT Regional Political Organizer to find out more about running a campaign for school board!

Betsy DeVos’ confirmation has sparked a nationwide movement to run for school board. Most are motivated by a strong desire to help kids in their communities. You want to be involved on the ground, making decisions that directly affect your local schools.

Even more importantly, you want to make sure DeVos’ inexperience and misguided concepts about school choice don’t hamper your local public schools’ ability to provide a great education for all kids. The last thing you want to see is your local public schools drained of resources and public trust.

Take action now and contact your NYSUT Regional Political Organizer to find out more about running a campaign for school board!

What Betsy DeVos does will affect schools nationwide, but what YOU do on your school board will affect the daily lives of those right in your community.

So, if you’re thinking about running for school board, your NYSUT Regional Political Organizer has the information you need!

Contact your building rep or Greg McCrea for more information about running for your local Board of Education.

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Constitutional Convention could erase the Blue Line


Here’s another reason to VOTE NO on Nov. 7 to defeat the referendum on a constitutional convention. The constitution guarantees that certain unique and irreplaceable areas of the state shall remain “Forever Wild” — specifically the Adirondack and Catskill parks. Opening up the constitution could allow moneyed interests who want to exploit the parks for profit to sway delegates to lift development restrictions on these precious sanctuaries.

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SED hosting public meetings on state’s draft ESSA plan

The State Education Department is hosting regional public meetings to gather feedback on the state’s draft Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plan. NYSUT’s Educational and Research Services has prepared talking points. Here are the dates and locations for the upcoming regional meetings.

NYSUT also encourages members to complete SED’s surveyon what indicators of school quality and/or student success should be used to identify schools for improvement under the new federal ESSA.

As you complete the survey, please note some of these indicators may unfairly identify schools based on inequities in resources that they cannot control. The indicators related to staffing are not supported by NYSUT because they would undermine collective bargaining and are not supported by research.

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Are you #PublicSchoolProud? Tell your story @NYSUT.

March 20th is World Storytelling Day, a global celebration to share the art of storytelling. This year’s theme is transformation! We want to know: How has public education transformed you? Was it a teacher whose great literary picks inspired your love of reading? An art class that provided a creative outlet? A school counselor who helped you to reach your goals?

Here’s how to participate. Tell us your personal public school story on social media. Remember to use #PublicSchoolProud and #ILovePublicSchools and to set your viewing rights to “public” to share videos and pictures. Post a selfie, take a photo of a school basketball game, art show or class project.

Rather put it in writing? Then submit your personal public school story via email to and we will share it for you. Please include your name, contact information and photo if you’d like.

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Updated @NYSUT fact sheet on #OPTOUT

As the next round of state tests approach, it is important to review the facts around opting out of state tests. Each year misinformation about the impact of opt outs is presented as fact. Since this fact sheet was last updated, the federal requirements around opt out have changed twice. It’s still uncertain how Congress and the new administration will proceed. NYSUT fully supports parents’ right to choose what is best for their children — including NYSUT members who decide as parents to opt their child out of state tests. Here are the details and our action alert.

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VOTE-COPE Hits Record High

Congratulations, Central New York! Together we raised $320,278.79 for Vote/Cope in 2016! That represents an increase of $10,469.56 and is 3.38% higher than our 2015 total. Everyone did a great job!

Statewide, we broke the $10 million mark with a grand total of $10,101, 097.46. Thank you to all the WDEA members who helped contribute to that increase.
With the threat of a Constitutional Convention vote, Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary, and the Governor’s persistent attacks on teachers and schools, our hands will be full. We will need an ever expanding war chest to ensure that our message for students and schools is heard.  Please help us reach our goal of 100% participation in VOTE-COPE in the new year.  Please give to VOTE-COPE.
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